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Cleaning Made Simple with a Kitchen Timer 

1.  Get the kids to help by making it a game.

Spring cleaning is a great time to teach your children responsibility for their own spaces by having them clean their rooms. You can make it a game by setting a timer for an appropriate amount of time and encouraging them to have their entire room cleaned up before time runs out. Reward them with a treat, such as 30 minutes of screen time, when they complete the task.

2.  Keep track of your cleaning process.

Have a cleaner, such as a soap scum remover, that needs to set for 10-15 minutes before you can start scrubbing? Use a timer to help you keep track of the time, and get the best results from all of your cleaning products.

​3. Break the day up by timing each task.

Set the timer for the amount of time it should take you to complete each activity—30 minutes for dusting, 20 for vacuuming, etc. Are you the competitive type? See if you can even beat the clock if you need a challenge.

4.  Give yourself a break!

After you’ve spent an hour working, take a short break. Set the timer, grab a drink and a snack, check Facebook, relax. Or, just make sure your kids are still alive.


5.  Maintain your newly clean house with weekly cleaning.

Each week after spring cleaning, set the timer for one hour, and have the whole family pitch in to clean the house. Even young kids can sort socks, or empty trash cans. Divide up the tasks, and make it a true team effort.

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