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Kitchen Remodeling & Refacing

Many homeowners today are saving money by refacing rather than completely replacing their existing kitchen cabinets. There are two primary ways to spruce up your kitchen cabinets: 

Cabinet Refacing is the installation of new wood over the existing cabinet boxes and adding new doors and drawers. This type of remodel is usually half the cost of completely replacing the cabinets, and gives your kitchen a fresh new look. This option is only viable if the cabinets are undamaged by water, mold, or any other structural issues.

Kitchen Remodeling is completely new cabinets, doors, and drawer fronts.  In the event your cabinets are damaged we offer full kitchen remodels as well!


We offer custom kitchens, countertops, and flooring!

Three Main Kitchen Renovation Areas

Kitchen Fronts carries a wide variety of styles and colors to make the kitchen of your dreams a reality.  So whether you want to completely replace your cabinets or simply reface we have you covered!

There are many different countertop options available to homeowners. We are proud to offer Quartz, Granite, and Laminate countertops custom made in house.

 A voyage through our collection lets you experience unique creations crafted by world-renowned designers and manufactured according to strict quality guidelines.

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